The Nigeria’s coastline was reputed for its rich luxuriant mangroves (Rizophora racemosa (Red Mangroves) and Avicennia Africana (white mangroves) in the 70’s and early 80’s.  These mangroves protected the coastline from marine erosion; provided a safe haven for the breeding of fishes and fingerlings and generally served as a natural embankment against ocean surges.  They are used for building of houses, medicinal purposes, as fuel wood and in the production of fishing tools and gears.

However, the greatest threat to the mangrove ecosystem is the exotic invasive Nypa palm, which displaces the mangrove stands thereby establishing itself in a mono-specific manner.  The incursion of Nypa palm has taken its toll on the coastal vegetation of Nigeria especially the Niger Delta region.

This project by the Foundation encourages reforestation of native mangrove on the Nigeria’s coastal areas and to promote the utilization of Nypa palm. The project involve the establishment of mangrove nurseries and encouraging the local dwellers to conserve and protect mangroves forest of Nigeria.

In order to discourage further deforestation of the mangrove forests, the Foundation is supporting the alternative use of fuel efficient stove by donating the stoves to local women to support their livelihood and help promote healthy living of the people.