We recognises the important of maritime sector in the development of Nigeria. In fact, maritime transport is known to be the oldest mode of movement of logistic functions. This mode of transport is the best and safest in movement of bulk cargos and passengers through the inland and coastal waters.

Nigeria is blessed with viable marine beaches and jetties which are currently in operation across the country. The absence of safety awareness or “ignorance” by the riverine communities and marine operators had caused water accidents across the country which has led to loss of many lives and properties worth billions of dollar.

As a result of this, Nigerians view this means of transport as unsafe. It is aganist this backdrop and to prevent further occurance that the Foundation launched the marine safety campaign to raise awareness and build capacity of marine communities and operators on BASIC SAFETY issues as well as to promote the sustainable management of marine environment and its resources.

At the moment over 500 marine communities and operators has benefited from this campaign including donation of life jackets.